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Wed, 07 Nov 2018

Veterinary education & training in Europe

Veterinary Schools To become a veterinary surgeon, students need to complete an intense 5 to 6 year study at a veterinary...

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Position Papers

Tue, 02 Oct 2018

FVE welcomes process hygiene criterion for Campylobacter

FVE welcomes the introduction of 'process hygiene criterion' (PHC) for Campylobacter spp for poultry carcasses FVE...

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Brochures / Leaflets

Tue, 02 Oct 2018

Survey of the veterinary profession in Europe

FVE made in 2015 a report which  for the first time allows to compare veterinary demographic, labour market and financial...

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Mon, 11 Feb 2019

Public Health & Food Safety

Raw milk: friend or foe?

FVE is concerned about a growing trend towards the consumption of raw, unpasteurized milk and raw milk-based dairy products...

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Fri, 08 Feb 2019

Animal Health & Welfare / Public Health & Food Safety

Slaughter without stunning causes unnecessary suffering

FVE is of the opinion that from an animal welfare point of view, and out of respect for an animal as a sentient being, the...

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Tue, 04 Dec 2018

Medicines / Public Health & Food Safety

Joint AVMA-FVE-CVMA statement on continuous monitoring of antimicrobial use and antimicrobial resistance

The development of antimicrobials has contributed enormously to improving the health and welfare of people and animals...

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Thu, 29 Nov 2018

Animal Health & Welfare / Medicines / Public Health & Food Safety / Veterinary Profession

FVE Brexit negotiation plea

The ongoing Brexit negotiations could have a serious impact on the way how Animal Health, Animal Welfare, Public Health and...

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Fri, 16 Nov 2018

Public Health & Food Safety

FVE-AVMA-CVMA: the essential role of veterinarians in protecting animal, human, public, and environmental health – a global public good

2015 - The public has a strong appreciation for the important role of veterinarians in the United States and Europe who are...

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Thu, 15 Nov 2018

Public Health & Food Safety

Veterinarians care about your food!

In the EU serious efforts are made to assure the safety and quality of the food The EU food chain is subject to a...

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