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30 March 2009

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World Veterinary Day to highlight role of veterinarians in society

- FVE holds Photo Competition -

"This year, 'World Veterinary Day', an initiative of the World Veterinary Association, will be celebrated on April 25. It will be the occasion to highlight the need for an integrated approach of veterinary and human medicine", said Walter Winding, president of the Federation of Veterinarians of Europe (FVE), referring to the One Health policy promoted by FVE. "Veterinarians play a pivotal role between animals, their owners and society, he reminded. However, this role is not confined to animal health, but also animal welfare and public health, including food safety."

To highlight 'World Veterinary Day', FVE will be holding a Photo Competition with the theme "Veterinarians and animal owners, a winning partnership". The competition will be judged in two separate categories (vets and farmers/farm animals; vets and pet animal owners/pet animals). For further information, please see below.

Dr. Winding is encouraging practitioners to use the occasion of World Veterinary Day to promote the profession, by "holding open-door days, visiting schools, and showing to clients and the public at large how veterinarians touch everyone's lives - on a daily basis. Vets can for instance use the 'Blue dog' project to teach children and their parents how to prevent dog bites".

"Not everyone is aware that veterinary epidemiologists and state veterinary officers are for example combating avian influenza, helping to make sure it does not become a pandemic. Veterinary researchers are investigating human and animal health, while veterinary hygienists make sure our food is safe and healthy", Dr. Winding added.

Avian influenza, MRSA, West Nile Fever... the One Health approach is needed now more than ever, as 60% of human pathogens and 75% of emerging diseases are zoonoses (diseases transmissible between animal and man).

'One Health' (healthy animals = healthy people) was also the motto of the first EU Veterinary Week campaign launched last November. Fruit of a close collaboration between the EU Directorate-General Health and Consumer Protection (DG Sanco), the FVE and farmer's representatives (CopaCogeca), stressing the important role of the veterinarian in animal and public health.

'Biosecurity', the theme of the last EU Veterinary Week, is perfectly in line with that of the 2009 World Veterinary Day: 'Veterinarians and livestock farmers, a winning partnership'. "It is of vital importance that veterinarians and farmers draw up good herd health plans together for an optimal biosecurity, protecting animals, the public - and society at large", Dr Winding commented.

Notes for Editors:

1. World Veterinary Day was instigated by the World Veterinary Association to be celebrated annually on the last Saturday of April. In 2008, the WVA and the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) agreed on the creation of the World Veterinary Day Award aimed at rewarding the most successful celebration of the veterinary profession by national veterinary associations, alone, or in cooperation with any other selected veterinary body.

2. The Blue dog project is a project developed to teach young children and their parents how to prevent dog bites. It works via an interactive CD and a parent guide. For more info see:

3. The Federation of Veterinarians of Europe (FVE) is an umbrella organisation of 44 veterinary organisations from 38 European countries, representing a total of around 200.000 veterinarians.

4. For further information, consult the FVE website or contact the FVE Secretariat on tel +32 2 533 70 20 or by e-mail to


Federation of Veterinarians of Europe (FVE) Photo Competition

Having regard to the 2009 World Veterinary Day on 25 April, organized by WVA in cooperation with OIE, FVE is currently undertaking a Photo Competition. Theme of the Photo Competition is: "Veterinarians and animal owners, a winning partnership".

The competition will be judged in two separate categories:
vets and farmers/farm animals
2. vets and pet animal owners/pet animals.

Originality and interpretation of the theme as well as technical ability will be judged.

By submitting your details and photograph to FVE you have accepted the Terms and Conditions of this competition outlined below. Please ensure that you enclose the following details with your entry and that you have read the terms and conditions before submitting your photo.

Please email your photograph to FVE with the following accompanying information:
1. Format of the photo: JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIFF (maximum file size 4MB).
2. Please add a short description of the content of your picture, and why you are choosing this picture (maximum 50 Words)
3. Name (title, complete name)
4. Email address
5. Postal address and telephone number

Please email entries to with 'FVE Photo Competition' as subject line.


FVE Photo Competition - Terms & Conditions

Entry to the competition is free. Each entry must reflect the theme "Veterinarians and animal owners, a winning partnership".

Acceptable formats: TIFF, JPEG OR GIF at the highest possible quality setting (e.g. 12 in Photoshop), as images must be sufficiently high resolution to be printed. Acceptable images include: scanned color or black & white prints and digital photographs. Do not send original prints or negatives.

1. Veterinarians and farmers/farm animals
2. Veterinarians and pet animal owners/pet animals

Entry rules
Only one entry per individual is allowed to the FVE Photo Competition for the theme "Veterinarians and animal owners, a winning partnership". Each entry shall consist of one photograph.

These will be appointed by FVE. Their decision on all matters relating to the competition is final. FVE reserves the right not to award prizes if the quality of the entries falls below the required standard.

Closing date and notification
Entries must be received by 20 April 2009. Finalists will be notified at the end of April 2009 and the winners will be announced on the FVE website and also published in the June FVE Newsletter.

Each of the two category winners will win a prize comprising of an Amazon gift certificate worth 50 € (first prizes), respectively 25 € (second prizes).


You warrant that:
(a) you are the sole author and owner of the copyright for all images entered; and
(b) the photographs you submit shall not infringe the rights of any third parties.
By submitting your entry photographs, you undertake to indemnify FVE for any losses arising from a breach of points (a) and (b) above.

All copyright and title to the entered photographs remains with you in its entirety. However, you grant FVE non-exclusive, irrevocable license rights to use the photographs free of charge for any purpose including, but not limited to, the following purposes:
- inclusion within the FVE newsletter and other FVE brochures (where possible, appropriate credits will be given)
- the right to sub-license the use of the photographs (solely for FVE purposes)
- promotion of and publicity for this competition in the future (where possible, appropriate credits will be given).

Use of Images
FVE is committed to ensure that personal data received in the course of this competition is protected. If your entry photograph contains images of children and/or adults, you must ensure that explicit permission (preferably those in writing) by the persons whose images appear in the photograph have been given for their images to be entered in this competition as well as the purposes which their images would be used namely:
- inclusion within the FVE newsletter and other brochures
- promotion of and publicity for this competition in the future.

If requested by FVE, you undertake to provide FVE with the contact details of the person whose image appears in your entry photograph to enable FVE to ensure that permission has been obtained from them.

FVE policy on the use of images containing children or young person up to the age of 18
- We will not use an image unless consent has been given by the subject child and a parent or custodian.
- Personal details (e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, postal addresses etc) will never be published, full names will not be used in association with a published picture of a child.
- Pictures will not be used of children on their own and will only be used where the picture shows the child/young person is association with an activity, other people or pet(s); images of children will only be used if in suitable dress.