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FVE Newsletter May 2009

Friday, 01 May 2009

  • MRL legislation: essential substance list for horses
  • 2009 European Veterinary Week: focus on rabies and TSE's

  • EMIDA ERA-NET meeting
  • Symposium Pets or PESTS in Birmingham
  • Veterinaria Italiana: special issue on One Health
  • Animal Transport: proposal to limit travelling time

  • Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare
  • Ireland: veterinarians call for ban on tail docking
  • Validation centres for alternatives in animal testing
  • Novel Influenza virus
  • EU: new rules for personal consignments
  • New FVE brochures on food safety and public health
  • CVMP approves 'castration vaccine' for pigs
  • Antimicrobial use: slight increase in 2007
  • Evaluation of veterinary schools
  • CPD: first audit of veterinary nurses' CPD
  • Working time Directive
  • Stress in veterinarians
  • Secretariats network group
  • FVE photo contest: winner

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