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The interests of practicing veterinarians on a European level are represented since 1970 by the UEVP, the European umbrella organization of national veterinary practitioners' associations.

UEVP History Document (UEVP 01-049)

UEVP General Assembly June 2007, KrakowPracticing veterinarians are without a doubt the sector of the veterinary profession best known to the public. Caring for the health of companion, farm and/or zoo animals, they are also the largest group, representing around two thirds of the veterinary work force in Europe.

Though all veterinarians receive a general basic training, encompassing all animal species and diseases, a growing number of practitioners are specializing in one or more species (such as companion animals, horses, pigs) or in a particular discipline (e.g. dermatology, surgery, internal medicine, reproduction, ophthalmology).

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UEVP has a permanent secretary in Brussels (Belgium) in the FVE office.

Contact details are: Rue Defacqz 1, B-1000 Brussels. Tel: +32 (0)2 533 70 20


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