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FVE represents veterinary organisations from 38 European Countries and veterinarians working in all different Sectors. FVE strives to enhance animal health, animal welfare, public health and the protection of the environment by promoting the veterinary profession.

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Thu, 06 Dec 2018

Joint statement outlines steps veterinarians in N. America and Europe can take to combat antimicrobial resistance

Bruxelles, 6 December 2018 — Veterinary organizations in North America and Europe have teamed up to combat antimicrobial...

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Wed, 05 Dec 2018

Dentists, doctors & veterinarians call for the implementation of a One Health culture in undergraduate education

Today at the conference ‘Implementation of One Health in undergraduate education’ in Paris, academics, practitioners and...

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Wed, 21 Nov 2018

New best-practice guidance for anthelmintic use in food-producing animals

The European Platform for the Responsible Use of Medicines in Animals (EPRUMA) has launched a new publication entitled:...

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Animal Health
& Welfare

Veterinarians take care of the health and welfare of animals
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The veterinary profession is a liberal and a regulated profession
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Veterinarians prevent and treat diseases by using medicinal products
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Veterinary Education Establishments (VEEs) have a key role in our society
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Public Health
& Food Safety

Veterinarians play an essential role in protecting public health as well as the environment by providing a wide range of services.
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Job Opportunities

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15 November 2018

Senior Economist at Agricultural Development Economics Division, ESA at FAO

Food and Agriculture Organisation in Rome is searching for a Senior Economist at Agricultural Development Economics Division, ESA.

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15 November 2018

Evaluation Expert at OIE

The World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) is searching for an Evaluation Expert for assessing the effectiveness and the efficiency of the first and second action plans of the OIE AW Platform to date.

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Employment opportunities for veterinarians are numerous and include private or corporate clinical practice, teaching and research, regulatory medicine, public health, and military service.

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