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The Federation of Veterinarians of Europe (FVE) is an umbrella organisation of veterinary organisations from 38 European countries.
We also represent 4 vibrant sections, each of which representing key groups within our profession: Practitioners (UEVP), Hygienists (UEVH), Veterinary State Officers (EASVO) and veterinarians in Education, Research and Industry (EVERI).

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FVE officially supports the "One Health Initiative"

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Q&A: new rules for pet travel and pet passports

This document tries to answer the main questions you may have regarding these changes. It has been...

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FVE Activity report 2012-2014

It highlights the role of veterinarians in preserving and protecting human and

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Cascade Guide for veterinarians if NO authorised medicinal product is available

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Guia para veterinarios cuando no hay disponibles medicamentos autorizados

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AMR: Advices for the owners of horses and other equidae

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Press Release - Doctors, Dentists and Veterinarians keep on fighting against antibiotic resistance

European health professionals raise awareness to primary care prescribers on the prudent and responsible use of antibiotics

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Highly pathogenic H5N8

Highly pathogenic H5N8 avian influenza has been found in north east Germany in fattening turkeys. It is the first time that H5N8 is seen in Europe.

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Ebola Virus: panic is a bad counsellor

Although the risk that the virus will spread in Europe is considered very low, it is important that national health services and all health professionals, are vigiliant.

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VETCEE is currently accepting applications

VETCEE accepts applications for the evaluation and approval of mid-tier veterinary programmes on Companion Animal edicine and Porcine Health Management.

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New rules for pet travel and pet passports

From 29 December 2014 the legislation will change in respect to pet travel rules and pet passports for EU citizens travelling inside or outside the EU.

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FVE Press- release on Commission's proposal for veterinary medicines legislation

Availability of veterinary medicines: differences per country likely to stay

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Veterinary medicinal products: proposal by European Commission

On 10 September 2014 the European Commission has adopted a pair of proposals on veterinary medicinal products and medicated feed.

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FVE activity report 2012 2014

FVE is proud to present you the activity report for 2012 - 2014

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Echinococcus 2014 - ESCCAP

Current issues in Echinococcus-related problems.

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Protecting bees, preserving our future: OIE bullettin

The latest OIE magazine is available online

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veterinary in south pacific ocean New caledonia

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Chief Executive position Roma, Italy

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Mon, 13 Oct 2014 - Tue, 14 Oct 2014

Animal welfare workshops in France (Lyon)

FVE organises once more an exciting practical animal welfare workshop for veterinarians, this time...

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Sun, 15 Mar 2015 - Wed, 18 Mar 2015


The 3rd International One Health Congress brings science and policy together aiming at the early...

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